Frequently Asked Questions : pinpointwhy

Generic Questions About Our Service

We're only giving away followers during our free trial period. That will promotion will end soon so grab chance now!I guess that this is the most common question we've got so far. People ask us why are you offering your service for free? It sounds too good to be true. Well, It's true, and this is why. Our company started to sell followers in a first way, but after a while, a lot of other companies started doing the same. So the competition was making it harder for us to sell all our followers. So we decided to stop and here we are with tons of accounts leftovers. So we decided to give it to you the people! Our service will be available till we run out of free followers and likes so grab your chance now. Don’t miss out this great opportunity and get your free followers now!

Try out our Free Trial (Instructions included). We don't charge you anything for:

We will first review your profile to see what kind of accounts to send to you. After you tried the free trial, you will gain tons of Instagram followers instantly. If you want to stop the process, you can always contact us.

The maximum amount you can get is 10000 followers en 2000 likes per day.

We ask you to please do this one time per day per account. If you're abusing our service, we are forced to ban you from our website.

Yes, you can send followers and likes to other accounts. Type in their Username, however, don't abuse this and don't send orders to users that aren't aware of this.

Since we are giving away Instagram followers, some visitors to our website skyrocketed. A lot of those visitors abused our natural process of completing your order within seconds. We added a survey to prevent bots and spammers from accessing/abusing our service.

This process will only take 2-5 minutes to complete. Sorry for the inconvenience

The followers and likes are added up instantly. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours to receive all your followers due to the amount of requests we get (the process can take about 24 hours max.)

If the followers aren't added up within a day, we invite you to try it again and contact us about this issue.If you don't want likes, you just select 0 likes. (Example: Select 1000 Instagram followers and 0 likes.

Will I get Banned For This?

NO! Your account won't be banned if you use this service. We've been doing this since 2012, and not a single Account has been banned since. Our service doesn't break any of Instagram Terms of Use rules. So your account stays completely legit after using this service.

You do receive real Instagram followers.

Yes, They are all real and active. They will interact with you once you have an excellent account.